Welcome to our life & travel journey 👋

We are a husband and wife, slow traveling the world while working remotely as digital nomads.

Originally, Lauza is from Uzbekistan and Michael is from Austria, we met in Dubai and married in July 2007. We lived in Moscow, Vienna and for 11+ years in London.

Travel was always something very important to us and after Michael changed his profession from architect to programmer somewhere around 2011-12, we worked towards the possibility of being location independent to be able to travel more.

At the end of 2019 we asked ourselves what's holding us back from traveling full time, and the answer was "only our rented apartment in London", so we decided to hand in the notice to our landlord, booked a one way flight to Lisbon and left home with 2 carry-on bags at the beginning of 2020.

Our goal has since been to live and work as we normally would, but in different locations across this beautiful globe, experiencing as much local life and culture as possible.

We carefully select our temporary homes from Airbnb, and share our life & travel journey on our blog, Youtube and Mastodon.

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